Video surveillance iXVideo


 Computer Vision-Based Video Analysis Platform 


Intelligent video surveillance systems are artificial intelligence services for the economic and physical security of facilities and businesses.



According to our research, the structure of financial sweat trading networks is as follows:

- theft by employees - 29%

- shoplifting - 29%

- employee mistakes - 31%

- secret agreement with representatives of other companies - 11%




The complex of event video monitoring and business intelligence based on iXVideo software is ideal for retailers of any size.

Integration of video data from video surveillance systems with data from POS-terminals of various trading systems.

Built-in analytics promptly (or according to video archives) identify unintentional errors of cashiers, as well as intentional offenses (theft at the checkout).

The introduction of the "iXVideo" system reduces the losses in retail trade by half.


The introduction of the system gives a multifaceted effect - in addition to the main task (reducing losses in the checkout area and the acceptance area), other tasks are simultaneously solved that are directly related to the safety of the store and the efficiency of its work:

  • Reducing losses at the checkout associated with offenses and errors of cashiers (the cashier will think 100 times before “making a mistake” if they know that their behavior is being monitored by cameras, and all check information is analyzed and stored separately)
  • Creation of an evidence base (video with superimposed cash information) for the analysis of disputable situations, both with their employees and with customers.
  • Increase store customer loyalty (customers will feel better about a store if they know the store is taking active steps to improve customer safety in the store).
  • Prompt tracking of potentially dangerous cash transactions (due to automatic detection of alarm events).
  • Convenient access to analytical information (search functions, statistics and reports).

The software will allow you to:

  • View the situation in the premises online and in the recording;
  • Analyze the behavior of visitors, automatically detect suspicious behavior; - automatically detect incidents involving personnel; - convenient mechanisms for investigating and recording incidents;
  • Convenient automatic mechanism for sending notifications to E-mail and phone;
  • Automatically build and distribute reports on individual incidents, summary reports on an object or network; 
  • Viewing online video surveillance cameras;
  • Accumulation, viewing and search of video in the archive;
  • Facial recognition (shoplifters, bloggers);
  • Search for visits by a person of an object by photo;
  • Detection visitor's suspicious activity;
  • Statistics of visits by persons to the object;
  • Count visitor visits to an object;
  • Tools for quick search in the archive of the time of changes in the area of observation (for example, the loss or appearance of an abandoned item);
  • Notification by e-mail, in messengers, sound notification in the store, automatic emailing of individual events reporting and criteria;
  • Tools for tracking and documenting a person's activity;
  • Report by object or group of objects.

  Automatic data synchronization between stores allows you to quickly transfer information about suspicious persons

 Convenient and productive tools for security officers allow you to quickly investigate incidents and generate dynamic and printed reports.

Carousel module

Detection of visitors strikingly frequently visiting the trading floor.