3D geographic information system

"Trump" software is a C ++ application programmer’s library designed to visualize a dynamically changing environment on the background of a geoid, terrain, and underlying surface.

There can be different objects of a dynamic environment such as conventional signs, three-dimensional models, linear objects (for example, routes or trajectories), three-dimensional objects (for example, meteorological formation).

The library contains basic source data, based on open sources - terrain and satellite images. At the same time, it is possible to clarify areas of interest with more accurate data - DEMs, more accurate images, and terrain plans (in SXF format).

Unique features of the library are:

- a wide range of scales - from millimeters on the surface of the earth to space scale;

- incredible performance - on a home computer with an economy video card, a stress test with 10,000 objects, each with 1000 vertices (AirBus A320 airplane model) showed a result of 10-12 snapshots per second.